Bedford Goodfellows Club

Welcome to the Bedford Goodfellows Club Website. We have been serving the Bedford Township community since 1954, working in conjunction with the Bedford community to provide food for needy individuals and families residing in Bedford Township. We do not require that you belong to any particular affiliation or possess any previous memberships to join our organization. Our annual dues are $1 per year. We do ask that you support our organization through regular participation in our fundraising activities and food distributions. The time involved is minimal but the rewards last forever. Lend a hand by becoming a member today.

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016!

Goodfellows Club wants to say THANK YOU, to our community, for all of the support that you provided this past holiday season.

Easter 2016 saw Bedford Goodfellows distribute over 230 baskets. For 2015, we distributed 228 baskets for Thanksgiving and 208 baskets for Christmas.

This past year, $8,805 in purchases were made right here in our community for Easter 2016, almost $11,500 at Thanksgiving 2015, and over $6,000 of purchases for the Christmas season 2015, not including all the donations from our many friends in Bedford Township. We would like to thank all for the help we received during the Christmas season, especially from the BBA Food Drive, assistance from the school food drives and all the other businesses and community families that contribute. Please remember, the money we collect from our community and businesses buys these goods from businesses in our community to help feed the needy in the community.

Again, THANK YOU to all that helped! Your generosity, YOUR TIME, and donations this past year helped us help those who need assistance in our community.  We look forward to your assistance and generosity again this 2016 Holiday season!  


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